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Guests will remember it for life

Whilst not everyone will be able to remember what they had for a starter, everyone will remember that one band that rocked your wedding so hard that even your mother-in-law gets on the dance floor.

Let your personality speaks

With so many options possible, wedding entertainment can be a highly personal way of letting people know what your fun-loving tastes are like.

Keeps people, err , entertained

Whilst good food and good company (and alcohol) go a long way in keeping smiles on people’s faces, nothing compares to the experience of a live band to keep guests dancing long into the night.

Breaks the ice

With a huge gathering that covers both family and friends, you want something (apart from alcohol) that gets those social barriers broken and those feet moving. That something is entertainment.

Go crazy with it

Ever heard of a wedding where they serve champagne upside down? A wedding with a bouncy castle? Or maybe a wedding with a opera singing drag queen? Nothing’s too crazy when its your wedding.

For all ages

Kids, grandparents, college friends and family can all enjoy the awesome experience that having dedicated wedding entertainment can bring.

Gives people something to talk about – for a long time afterwards

There’s nothing more satisfying than shutting up any naysayers and hearing the buzz for all the right reasons for weeks (and even months) afterwards. OK maybe getting married is, but it’s a close second.

It can complement your theme

Vintage style wedding? Well, it wouldn’t be complete without a jazz or swing band. Garden party? Lawn games and light acoustic music would be the order of the day. Whatever theme you can think of – there’s an act to complement it.

Enjoy the applause too

hen the band finish their set you can take a bit of the credit for hiring them especially with all the compliments about to be fired in your direction. C’mon, you can afford to be a little self indulgent this time around.

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