House of Worship

House of Worship

These sacred spaces are ideal for traditional weddings, like Temple, Church, Mosque, Gurudwara or any other place, many people are excited enough to exchange their vows.

Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall

Banquet halls are among those regal wedding venues. Here you can have your dreamed fairytale wedding.

  • Customizable architecture.
  • Magnificent interiors.
  • Efficient staff, in-house vendors.

Fort Wedding

 Palace or Fort

This is one such royal affair where the bride actually feels like a Queen on the day of her wedding.

  • Entertainment, Accommodation, Dining and outdoor activities.
  • Lofty towers and correspondingly eminent lighting.
  • Fort weddings will be your own fairy tale.
  • The historical significance of that place adds the element of mystery in your party.

Cruise Wedding

In to the Ocean

You might prefer to have your ceremony at one of the cruise’s exciting and romantic destinations. Or to have a ceremony and reception on the ship while it is still docked.

  • Turn your romantic wedding into a memorable first family vacation and bonding experience.
  • Cruise is the best place to celebrate your big day with romantic destinations in to the ocean.

Lawn Party

Lawn Party

When you have prepared a full itinerary of entertainment for your guests. Therefore want them to enjoy the whole day, then lawn parties or outdoor weddings would serve as the best possible option for your wedding.

  • Decorate the entire venue in your own themes.
  • Lots of spaces for your candid photography.
  • Lawn wedding parties make for picturesque ceremonies.

Beach Venue

Beach Venue

Beaches are those exotic locations where you say ‘I do’ in front of crashing waves and under a crystal-clear sky.

  • Head towards an ocean at your wedding of yours with the dramatic surroundings.
  • Decor Works as simple and best with bright color flowers.
  • Bright sunshine and the tanned sands create a charming aura.

Barn Venue

Farmhouse or Barn Venue

Farmhouses are chosen because of the cosy atmosphere that they lend in their parties. Whether yours being a small and intimate ceremony or a grand one, farmhouses can mould every ceremony beautifully within its abode.

Why do we need a wedding Decor Theme ?

Each element of your wedding day works together to tell a story and set the scene, and having details that clash against each other causes confusion.